Mar 17, 2008

Time to Celebrate!

OMG....I passed the Series 7 (Genl Securities Registered Rep Exam)! Not with the 80 that I'd prayed for, but true to form, the 80 was all about giving myself a little working room. I made a very well earned and very hard fought 77....and I'll take it with pride. I went in believing that both Dad & God were with me and that I'd be fine - even if for just that 8 hours and I was. I'll even admit that I cried (tears of relief, gratefulness and thankfulness) while walking out on legs that truly felt like jelly! I do absolutely believe, with all my heart, that all the prayers and well wishes from each and everyone of you that sent them (along with Dad & God's help of course) were what carried me through and got me to the finish line. Thank you - each and every one. Now I only have to take the Series 63 (State Law exam) and be shipped off to Memphis for a little bit of corporate training and I'll be all done!!! Yee-Haa and thank you very much. Soon I'll be able to get back to 'real' life (my house is a mess), cake decorating, having some fun without feeling guilty about not studying (definitely includes Keno nites with the gals) and dare I say it....grieving. Yes, I know I've put that off and studying has kept my mind busy, but I need to get there so I can get past some of this anger I've felt since Dad's passing. Thank you, again, for your support, encouragement and friendships and for letting me share. Now, I've gotta go watch Dancing With The Stars! Hugs to all.


Blake said...

Congratulations! We knew you could do it!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay!!! I'm so glad you passed! Back to making cakes :-)