Sep 28, 2008

Ashley & Blake's New Home & Open House

I'm behind obviously, so let me attempt to catch up a little.
September 27...
The day Ashley, Blake and I prepared & planned for finally arrived yesterday. The event was the Open House to show their new home to family and friends. We'd designed and sent the invites, they'd worked on getting their house ready, we planned a menu that would last the day and feed plenty, we'd bought groceries and prepared food. It was a long but great day. They had lots of visitors, from both families and friends. Everybody loved their new house, had a good time and ate lots (glad for that as there weren't many leftovers!). Here's the link where you can visit Ashley's new home and ck out the menu too (
It was a great day. BTW - my truck in front of her house.

1st Birthday Cake

A little pair of 'First' birthday cakes for the young lady next door. Her mom asked me to make these cakes for her daughter's birthday and since Ashley and I've made cakes for some of her other children, of course it was a pleasure to make this one as well. She said she wanted a cherry chip cake shaped as a #1 as well as a 'smash' cake. Both are covered in buttercream icing flavored with a little bit of cherry extract.

Sep 9, 2008

Oops! Why no posts lately?

So sorry that there haven't been any postings lately. Have been busy with helping Ashley & Blake get moved into their new house, making mine a little more homey, buying school supplies for the grand kids, dealing with a difficult job, learning about web pages, starting a cake club (called Cake Divas) and lots of other things to deal with recently. Haven't had any cakes to make lately or been to any fun places worth taking pictures of, but Ashley & Blake's housewarming is coming up soon (will post those pics) and who knows what will happen between now and then. I promise there is more to come...please stay tuned for lots more cakes, fun and who knows what! Hugs to all!