Mar 23, 2008

Ever Heard of Herd?

Yep, there really is a place called Herd's Hamburgers and it's located in Jacksboro, TX. It's been around and in the same family since 1916 ( Claude Herd does the cooking and Mrs. Herd does the order-taking while lots of younger Herds perform the other tasks. The place is small and what little seating is on the inside consists of some old-style school desks with lots of memoirs on the surrounding walls. There is some extra seating on the outside in the form of picnic tables or you can do like we did and sit on the tailgate of your truck.
The menu is short and sweet and totally to the point - people come for their terrific burgers and pretty much nothing else. There are no fries or other 'sides' on the menu as any 'sides' you might consider consist of a small bag of chips. I had a cheeseburger and Russell had the double double. Take my word for it and go ahead and order the double double. It's worth the few extra calories because the single cheeseburger I'd ordered definitely left me wanting more. It was a bit of a cruise (approx 1 1/2 hr from home), but worth the trip if you want an outta-sight burger!
A little background and history of Herd's Hamburgers:


Anonymous said...

The best people and best hamburgers in the US.

Debs said...

Nice people. I grew up eating Herd's hamburgers. Love the pics and brings back some memories. :)