Feb 17, 2008

Two more cakes ordered and completed

Ashley and I made these cakes last weekend. The Snake cake was ordered by one of her co-workers for her 5yr old son. He wanted a Mario cake at first and then changed to snakes. Go figure! Anyway, they/we decided on a 'snakes in the grass' theme and he loved it. Ashley had a little too much fun with the green icing, because don't know if you can tell it or not, but she's actually wearing almost as much of the icing as she has on the cake at that point.
The Flower Power cake was ordered by our aunt for a cousin's 17th b'day. This one was covered in a pink tie-dyed fondant (over flavored buttercream icing) and then decorated w/neon flowers made of a specialty fondant. It, too, was loved by it's recipient.

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