Feb 9, 2008

A Day on the Square - the Waxahachie Square

A gorgeous day - a nice occasion and something fun to do. RH and I spent the afternoon wondering around the town square in historic downtown Waxahachie (http://www.waxahachie.com/c3web/index.htm) in celebration of and because it is his b'day 'weekend'. It was a wonderful afternoon with temps in the mid '70s... in February? - unusual at best. No jackets, no thermals, no gloves...just regular everyday weekend clothing, oh yeah! We walked the square, toured the old Rogers Hotel (http://www.rogershotel.com/), the Museum, more antique stores than he wanted to go into I'm sure, a furniture store and then made our way (our final destination and the initial reason for our trip to Waxahachie) to the Catfish Plantation (http://www.catfishplantation.com/). We tried to tour the the o so beautiful Waxahachie courthouse, but unfortunately it was closed today so did our best to do it 'justice' by getting some good outside pics.

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Hmmm...sounds like fun!

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