Feb 17, 2008

Two More Birthdays!

Happy Birthday to 2 of my grandsons this month - Dylan just turned 9 and Dom will be 5. Ashley and I made them each their own birthday cakes (Spiderman and Skateboard cakes) and I'm thinking that you can tell what they are each into by the theme of their particular cake. The other 2 children pictured here are their brother, Damion Jr and sister, Alexis (yep, more of my grandchildren). The boys were pleased with their cakes and their presents and Ashley and I had a good time making their cakes and visiting with them today.


Matt S. said...

LOL! They are having fun. Very cute kids. :-)

joshua said...

I must say that this is one of the very best blogs I've ever visited!



Rick said...

Happy birthday to a couple of fun looking guys. (Just passing through.)