Jan 26, 2008

Another Treasured Cake creation

Another Treasured Cake creation for your viewing pleasure and our customer's eating pleasure. This particular cake is a chocolate and red velvet flavored cake (top tier is red velvet and the bottom is chocolate) with marshmallow fondant textured and colored to appear as if it were black leather with pink asymetrical circles and pink satin ribbons (Ashley was able to find this tastier version of fondant via the many message boards that she frequents) . This customer (and our most recent) loved it and claimed that it was the perfect cake for her 16 year old daughter's b'day.

PS: We rcvd a really nice e-mail from her saying that her daughter loved the cake!


Blake said...

THAT is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! Y'all are so super talented. I am amazed.

Samadis (Sonia) Wclass said...

I love this cake. It is beautiful!!! How did you get the black color?