Jan 26, 2008

Birthday Present

Check out the birthday present I got from Russell! How cool is this????? Not only did he sing Happy Birthday to me (this would be the first time in as long as I could remember that Dad wouldn't be singing it), but he surprised me with the one thing that I'd been drooling over for a while! Since Ashley and I began taking cake decorating lessons and started Treasured Cakes, I've been looking at these mixers, checking out every sales ad, comparing prices, models, etc. What a great birthday present and a great surprise! And it didn't stop there. We had a wonderful day as well. We went to Italliani's for dinner where I had my most favoritest meal - the lemon flavored tilapia over couscous, surrounded by fried spinach (yes! fried spinach and oh my! it is awesome!) and from there we went to the movie and saw Charlie Wilson's Wars which was also very good - definitely worth seeing. It was a good day.
PS: Ashley & Blake gave me a Pampered Chef stoneware Pie Plate which was pretty terrific given that I love making pies these days (Honeycrisp apples make really yummy apple pies!). I've managed to put it to good use multiple times already and am sure that it, like my new mixer, will become one of my favorite kitchen items.

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Blake said...

Happy Birthday, indeed! What a gift! You are going to LOVE it.