Jan 14, 2008

In time, I will heal I hope

This was originally written to explain my absence between posts and thanks to 'blogspot', it has disappeared twice now....so this is the 3rd time I'm writing. Maybe that's part of the healing process? Anyway, my precious dad got sick enough to be hospitalized the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and passed into the hands of waiting angels on December 13th. There is much to the story and is still far too painful to discuss. During the time that he was in the hospital, I spent as much time with him as I possibly could given that I had just started a new job and that the hospital was a couple of hours away. I treasure the time that I was able to spend with him and miss him far more than there are words to explain. He was my strength, my friend, my advisor, my confidant and a terrific father...always!

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Blake said...

We are still thinking about you and hoping for comfort every day. Hugs!