Aug 20, 2007

Cake Decorating Lesson #3

Tonite was Lesson #3! I started my 'homework' yesterday and had my cake iced and ready to go by bedtime last nite.
We had a blast in class and learned a lot (all of these pics prove it). We practiced several different tip applications - a big star, a swirled flower and shells, worked on another step to making roses and then moved on to completing our cake. Ashley, Beth and I all made Funfetti (flavored) cakes - Pillsbury of course. Beth & Abbi chose to make cupcakes rather than the 8" cake and their finished product was terrific.
What do you think about our finished 'homework assignments' (Ashley's 'homework' can be found by clicking on her blog to the right)?
Next week is the last class of Course #1 (Lesson #4) and it's all about roses which means we get to actually complete a rose and then learn how to get them from the 'flower nail' to the cake.
I'll miss this class but will make it up in September. Ashley will be in attendance though and will display her finished cake on her blog. I'm looking forward to seeing it and taking the last class the last week of September.
Course #2 begins on Labor Day and OF COURSE, Ashley and I will be back to do that one....and guess what? You all will get to see the results of those classes/lessons as well! WooHoo!

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