Aug 11, 2007

A first for me.... a lot of ways. And I'll start my list of 'firsts' with why I've decided to create this blog.

Having become more and more the computer geek, I've decided that blogs are a good thing - thanks to a daughter's (Ashley's Treats) and a niece's (Blakery) blogs that I've gotten involved in reading on a relatively regular basis. It's a fun and interesting way to share the events in one's life - good and/or bad - with friends and family. However, it does open one up to scrutiny so I must be careful about what I share. My dad thinks we're silly but secretly I think he's pleased that we've grown up to be relatively decent and interesting human beings.

Another first, and the initial reason for beginning this blog, is I'm taking cake decorating classes (w/Ashley of course). She's not only my daughter, but my best friend and most always my partner in crime ;-)

We started 'Course 1' last Monday and it was mostly instructive. We learned how to make icing and how to properly ice a cake. Today I make my first cake. I don't know what I was thinking when I said, "Sure I'd love to take cake decorating classes with you!" With an already busy schedule (2 jobs, a dog and a boyfriend), I wasn't even thinking about 'homework'!!!

Well....homework is to make a 2 layer 8-in. cake, ice it w/buttercream icing so that it is ready to decorate for this coming up Monday's class (Lesson #2). Additionally, we have to bring containers of thin, medium and thick consistency icing to practice with and 1/2 cup each of 5 different color frostings to decorate our cake with. Guess I'd better get started. Pictures to follow.

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Ashley said...

Yay for making cakes!!!