Aug 13, 2007

Homework Accomplished

I finished baking and got my cake (homework) iced yesterday - YEEHAA! It's pepto-bismol pink on the outside and strawberry cake w/strawberry glaze as the filling on the inside. I used the baking strips to make sure it'd cook evenly and be level on top, the cake leveler to cut it perfectly in half (2 layers) and then the groovy icing tip #789 (the best thing for icing cakes since sliced bread!) to put that lovely pink icing on. All these items are part of the 100+ pc decorating tool kit that we purchased.

In addition, we had to prepare 8 different batches of icing of varying colors and consistencies (some to decorate with and some to practice with), bring 1 1/2" squares of wax paper (for practicing roses), damp clothes for clean-up, toothpicks, etc. Lots of stuff considering I thought this was pretty much a 'no-brain' class.

This adventure started out as a $25 class w/a $20 'materials' kit and has turned into a much larger 'investment', but a fun one nevertheless.
Our instructor is Belinda and we're taking the class with friends, Beth and her daughter, Abbi, and having a great time! My finished cake is going to be taken to work tomorrow (thus the CMP on the top) for consumption since we surely don't want to be leaving anything as yummy as a strawberry cake within reach of the likes of me! That small glitch on the right side comes from a 'blow out' in my decorating bag when I was putting the CMP on it after finishing up the class and returning home.

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Biker said...

Looks really nice. I am sure it will be gone in no time when you take it to work.