Dec 19, 2008


I need to do some real catching up here cuz there are few events worth posting. Gonna have to stretch and dig thru the memory bank to remember as far back as the last time I posted, but gonna give it a try (thank goodness I keep a calendar of events, etc).
Biggest event in October was Lexi's b'day. Ashley and I created another cake for her based on her requests. She turned 14 this year and although she's had a tough one, she still struggles on and continues to surprise us with how smart and special she is.
We also made some some pumpkin cupcakes and a pumpkin layer cake for Halloween events. Both recipes were found online and both were enjoyed by all. Will post those recipes later.
We also had our first 'demo' meeting of our newly established Cake Divas club. Our first meeting consisted of discussing some business issues as well as demonstrating how to apply rolled buttercream to cookies and decorate. We also tested out several different types of fondant. Regina's husband took pictures and they should be on the Cake Divas blog soon (

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